Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Excursion – A word every child yearns for. A day to unwind and a day to have fun with their peers. Excursion and fun outings are “must have” experiences in a child’s school life.They give the child evergreen memories to remember and cherish forever. Excursions are not only for fun but also for learning many things,to gain exposure to new places,learn to adapt and behave appropriately in public places. Ekadaksha organizes one excursion for their children every year to make sure the children with special needs don’t miss out these lovely moments they deserve. 

This year, Ekadaksha children and teachers had a soothing,relaxing and a magical experience.They visited “The Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience” at Express Avenue Mall. They were all set with full energy to get immersed into a new experience. Vincent Van Gogh was a famous 19th century Dutch painter whose paintings were characterised by bold and sumbolic colours and highly expressive brushwork that contributed to the foundations of modern art. In this Immersive experience, his paintings are showcased with a sunchronised play of visuals and sounds. It is an amalgamation of technology and his timeless artistry. 

The children got into the van happily and their joy was doubled as they were given their favorite yummy snacks and juice. Click here to see the van journey. After arriving at the spot, they learnt to wait till the tickets were scanned and everyone was allowed to go inside. They entered a new colorful and magical world. Bright sunflowers and paddy fields welcomed them. They sat here and relaxed a bit. Click here to see pictures with the bright sunflowers. 

Then they went into a room which displayed the paintings of the painter as well as his biography. Click here to see our own Van Gogh. 

The next room was fully lit with bright lights hanging from the roof. There was a mirror wall which showed funny reflections. Everyone lost themselves into the brightness of the lights.The children enjoyed seeing funny reflections on the mirror wall. Click here to see the room of lights and mirrors. 

Then came the highlight of the day – “The Van Gogh immersive experience”. As they entered the next room,the felt it magical. The children and teachers sat in a cozy corner and immersed themselves into the experience. Few children sat happily on the bean bags and others sat comfortably on the floor. Some of them moved around to touch and feel the moving pictures on the floor and walls too. The 3D projections and simulated effects on the walls and floors were like the paintings coming alive in front of our eyes. Waves moving, Boats and ships surfing over the waves, Flowers blossoming,Paddy fields and carts moving, Scene of a household, People having coffee and many many more colorful paintings were moving beautifully all over with mesmerizing and soothing music in the background. Click here to see pictures of this mesmerising experience. 

Apart from that, even though it was a but crowded, the children blended with the crowd. All children really enjoyed the experience and none of them wanted to get up and leave the place when the time was up. Every got back to school with happy hearts and magical smiles. 

Click here to see pictures of our immersive experience. 

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