Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

About the organisation - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai

Bindu at elc 2017

Bindu Haridas, Special educator, Reiki master and Mother of a special child. A Commerce graduate, she has completed a Diploma in special education. She has been working with her own child as well as other children and is passionate about working with special children.

"My journey of self discovery began with the birth of my child. This journey took me along the path of empowering myself with a special education diploma in addition to the regular B.com degree. The struggle for acceptance that these lovely children faced led to Ekadaksha being conceived by like minded people. For us at Ekadaksha EMPATHY is the key word, self pity and the ensuing sympathy has no place. Today Ekadaksha is a vibrant institution where our team strives for excellence by making every moment meaningful and joyous for our beautiful children. I am proud to be a mother of a special child and a special educator too."

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