Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Exploring art by Express6 class at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiA splash of colours, a beauty indeed. Exploring colours and different medium of painting gives a calmness and satisfaction. The children used different kids of brushes and sponges to create this art. And the stencil inbetween is a leaf. Nature and nurture - The best we can give a child. 



Modern art work at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiArt is something which can bring out creativity, freedom, thoughts and expressions. Colours and patterns can mean a lot. Here are some interesting works of art by the children of Ekadaksha. These works have been given guidelines as well as freedom and the outcome has been the most prettiest and amazing. 



artwork elc chennai

artwork of childrenat Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiSome love sceneries, some love games, some love the beach. One thing in common is the love for colours:-) 

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