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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Welcome to the Online Navratri celebrations 2020 at Ekadaksha,ChennaiAnother celebration at Ekadaksha and once again, virtual but amazing. The highlight of this celebration was the involvement and participation of all the parents and siblings of our children. Without their enthusiasm and cooperation, this celebration would not have been as awesome as it was. Every class was given a project - Either art and craft work, dance or speeches. The teachers provided all the details and demo videos, while parents executed them along with their children. Photos and recordings were made and these were shared on the day of the celebration.

The children of Express 2a class made lovely artwork of Dandia sticks and also decorated the sticks. The children of Express 2b class made beautiful art of pictures related to Navratri like lamps and the face of Goddess durga. These lovely art brought out the creativity of both parent and child. An experience to work together and produce wonderful works of art. 

The children of Experience 1 class make Golu dolls outs of sponge and materials at home. Each doll looked so pretty. It was an activity of bonding between the child and parent. The children of Experience 5 made colourful garlands out of beads, vegetables and straws. They have been learning jewellery making and this was an opportunity to make a product which one can use. 

Udith, one of our remedial children made a very pretty scenery by using the vegetables as stamps. This would look really pretty on a Golu display. 

Click here to view all this pretty art and craft for Navratri. 

The children of Express 6 class performed the Dandia dance. They performed alongside their mothers or siblings. Every one of them did their steps independently which gave us immense happiness because at Ekadaksha we strive for independence and individuality. Click here to view the amazing dancers. 

The children of Pull out programme told small speeches about Navratri explaining to us how it is celebrated. The speeches were memorised, practiced and performed independently and smartly. Swashika, one of our remedial children did a live speech about what she does during Navaratri. She had discussed with the teacher, made sentences and read it out with confidence and clarity. Click here to hear the speeches.

Finally, Navratri is not complete without a group dance, Right!!! O halo re!!!All the parents, children and teachers learnt some Garba moves and we ended the session clapping away to music. Click here for the super fun and energetic Garba dance...

Teacher's day celebrations 2020, ELC,ChennaiThe most amazing teacher's day celebration. We definitely did not expect it to be the most amazing, with a virtual celebration. However, this year the celebration was one of the best, emotional and touching times of all our lives. All the teachers dressed up, kept their snacks ready and joined the Teacher's day virtual celebration meeting. 

It began with a special welcome to all the teachers to tell them how Ekadaksha cherishes each and every one of them. Being a teacher is a great feeling and we should always feel proud of ourselves. A teacher of children with special needs is indeed extremely lucky - We have the privilege of teaching, inspring and making a difference in the lives of the children as well as their families plus we have the privilege of learning every single day. We have the privilege of giving and getting back the best. We have the privilege of developing others and ourselves. What more can one ask for in life.

The teacher's then got the best that they deserve - loving and kind words from the parents of the children of their classes. Every parent had sent audios, videos or written messages for their respective teachers. Each message was filled with gratitude and love for the teacher, it was so overwhelming. These touching words will remain with each teacher forever. It is the best gift for us when a child and its parents trust us and work with us. Thankyou to all the parents for their messages. This day was AWESOME..

Here are a few quotes sent by the parents:

  • Thankyou for being a teacher as a well as a mother for my child.
  • The most important aspect to be in this profession is to be a good Human being. You have been able to understand my child because you are a Good Human Being with an open mindset to learning from him.
  • We are so happy that our child is in safe hands.
  • During this time of the pandemic, we parents have also become your student. 
  • You are so commited and sincere. 
  • It is because of your guidance that my child has reached where he is today. 
  • I admire your enthusiasm and energy.
  • You have understood my child's talents and are trying to bring him to great heights. Thankyou.
  • You explain things in perfect detail. It has helped us a lot. Thankyou. 
  • Thankyou for your support and guidance for my child.
  • You are very loving, caring, patient and understanding.
  • All the hard work you put in for my child will never go unnoticed.
  • My child is always ready to attend your class and always looks forward to your class.
  • Words fall short because there can never be a perfect word to say 'Thankyou' to you. 
  • Your name will be written in every improvement of my child. 
  • We believe that a teacher is the most important person that our child interacts with outside home. We are truly blessed to have you as a teacher. 
  • You are a 'Super queen'.

And these are just bits and pieces taken from each message. So, one can imagine how these words have touched our hearts. Dear Parents, at Ekadaksha, you can always be sure that we will always be there to support you and your child. Pandemic or no pandemic, rain or sunshine, Ekadaksha is committed to providing you the best for the wholesome development of your child. 

The finale of all the emotions - A throwback video of Teacher's day celebrations from 2010 till today. A tribute to all Teacher's who have been and are still a part of Ekadaksha. Click here for a throwback teacher's day video. 

Wishing all our Ekadaksha Teachers as well as every single Teacher out there - HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!!!

Onam celebrations 2020 at Ekadaksha, ChennaiOnam Ashamsagal. Onam, the festival of kerala is celebrated with poo kolams (floor decorations with flowers), boat races and Onam sadya (yummy kerala lunch with loads of dishes). It is believed that Lord Mahabali's spirit visits during the time of Onam and thus, there are celebrations to commemorate this yearly visit. 

The children of Ekadaksha welcomed Mahabali by making beautiful poo kolams along with their parents. These pretty designs are made out of real flowers which spread fragrance, colour and happiness around. Click here to see the poo kolams made by every child at their home. 

Ganesha Chathurthi 2020 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiHappy Birthday to one of our Favourite Lords - Lord Ganesha. A jolly, food loving God who spread happiness and prosperity to all. This year, to celebrate this festival, the children made special art for the Lord - Click here to see the artwork for Our Beloved Lord Ganesha.

Apart from the children were taught how to make an Eco friendly Ganesha from vegetables and materials at home. This was such a pretty and colourful sight. The video is available on Ekadaksha's you tube channel. Click here to make your own Eco friendly Ganesha. You can also teach a child a simple way to draw Lord Ganesha with His pretty Umbrella. Click here to make your own Ganesha drawing.

HAPPY GANESH CHATHURTHI. May peace, happiness and prosperity spread all over the world. 




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