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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Celebrating India's 73rd independence day 2019 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiIt is India's 73rd INDEPENDENCE DAY today. As a country, we have achieved a lot in various fields though there may still be a long way to go. In the field of education too, there have been so many improvements and exposure. When we think of special education in particular, the scene seems to improve in certain services in parts of the country, while in other parts, people are not even aware. Inspite of awareness, our country still hesitates to accept people with special needs completely. Though facilities have improved through Accessible India and various campaigns, though people with special needs now have access to jobs, though inclusion and integration is part of many institutions, though awareness has increased - Inspite of all this, whole hearted acceptance of the person as an individual is still something lacking in our country. 

On this Independence day, let us all pledge our allegiance to the flag of Bharat, to accept every Human being as they are. A person with special needs, is an individual who has their own mind, heart and soul - Accept that. Don't hesitate to communicate, interact and understand him/her. You never know, you may just get a wonderful friend. 

At Ekadaksha, Children made India flags and displayed the flags. The children of the School readiness programme gave a speech on Independence day. The whole school sang the National Anthem 'Jana Gana Mana' together. The Anthem is sung everyday during assembly and the children have listened, watched and learnt. In pure innocence they sing the anthem. Though the words are their own and they may not understand the meaning of Patriotism, they definitely instil it in us. True love, A pure heart and a beautiful tune. Jai Hind. 

Happy Independence day. Click here to view our patriotic children:-).

Friendship day celebrations 2019 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiThe first sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship day all over the world. There are so many sayings about Friendship and one of them rightly says that 'A sweet friendship refreshes the soul'. Indeed everyone needs a friend - to lean on, to talk to, to have fun and to be yourself. At Ekadaksha, we see some friendships blooming in subtle way, and we wish that could carry on forever. 

This friendship day was all about fun and letting loose. The children played games and then just chilled out with their friends. The games included 'oranges and lemon with a twist' and 'run, stop,pick a particular number of friends'. It was chaos, it was great fun. The children could do what they like to do best, run and jump and play...And then there were happy group hugs:-)

Here is a glimpse of the celebration of friendship. 

The children who come after their school for remedial have also made friends at Ekadaksha. All of them are able to understand each other and know that they sail in the same boat. They tied friendship bands for eachother, played interesting games and ended the session dancing with full energy and josh:-)

Check out their fun time here.

The 21st of June is a celebration of two essential activities which bring peace, happiness and togetherness in life - Yoga + Music. It is international yoga day and World music day. Ekadaksha marked both these celebrations with fun and performances from the teachers and children.


International yoga day celebrations 2019 at Ekadaksha Learning Center,ChennaiIf you want to spread love and well being to the world, we need to spread well being to oursleves. The practice of yoga guides us to do just this, to nourish and support ourselves. International yoga day is celebrated to spread an awareness that yoga helpd in the physical, mental and intellectual health of a human being. It positively changes the lifestyle of people and increases the level of well being. At Ekadaksha, children performed simple yogasanas and stretches. Teachers planned the asanas and the children followed well. The asanas included standing, sitting as well as lying down exercises.

"Yoga lets people discover the sense of oneness with oneself, the world and the nature." - Narendar Modi.

Photos of International Yoga day at ELC.



World music day celebrations 2019 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiMusic isn't just an extra-curricular activity, it is an extraordinary creativity. Music is a lot more than just listening, it has a healing power as well. At work, at home, music can create a sense of togetherness. Music and dance have always been a part of the daily routine at Ekadaksha. On this World music day, the children and teachers at Ekadaksha sang songs, made rhythms by clapping and danced to some peppy numbers.

Music can make us happer, healthier,, energetic and creative. By celebrating music, we celebrate life. 

Photos of World Music day at ELC.




9th Anniversary of Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiPeople say, the journey is the pleasure, the journey is the learning, the journey is what is important. In this process what we began as a small remedial center on 4th March 2010, has now reached 9 years and has become a special learning center and school. We say we reached 9 years, because we have come to another leg in the journey. The journey will then continue into the 10th wonderful year - To explore, express and experience more - To touch more lives...

When we look back, we see the evolution, the hard work and love that has been put in by all of us, our families, our friends, our staff and all well wishers. This is the time to thank all of you for supporting Ekadaksha always. We are truly grateful. 

This year, we celebrate happiness with the children and teachers as we always do. Click here to see the fun time on the 9th Founder's day.



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