Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

Sai Khiran-Star of Ekadaksha*SAI KHIRAN* 

Age: 10 years

During the lockdown: Positive changes in doing his daily activities and academic based activities. He has understood that he has to wear a mask when he goes out of the house. Cooperates well and removes the mask as soon as he reaches home. 

Communication & Socialising: He communicates his basic needs through actions with little prompt from his mother. During Ekadaksha online events or during video calls with the teacher, he looks and smiles.

Activities of daily living: He is becoming independent in brushing teeth and bathing. He only needs verbal prompt from the mother during these activities. 

Helping at home: He helps his mother in taking clothes from the clothes stand. He listens and follows when she gives any other work. 

Academic based functional activities: He is doing activities sent by Ekadaksha superbly and independently with his mother's guidance. He knows about various topics in all subjects. He can identify personal information(Name and parents names), body parts, colours, shapes, numbers etc. He also knows some topics which has not specifically been taught to him like big/small numbers, multiplication. His mother has practiced writing skills with him. He is able to form alphabets and numbers with guidance from his mother. 

Akshaya-Star of Ekadaksha*AKSHAYASHREE*

Age: 13 years

During the lockdown: Positive changes in helping at home and bonding with twin sister. She has also developed an interest in cooking. 

Communication & Socialising: She has developed an understanding with her twin sister. She listens and follows whatever her sister says without any hesitation. When she gets hurt, she has started showing where she got hurst and where it is paining. She is interested and loves animals. 

Activities of daily living: She has become independent in using the restroom and does not need any prompts at all any more. 

Helping at home: Every morning she helps in clearing the bed and arranging the pillows. In the kitchen, she helps in plucking curry leaves. 

Developed an interest in:She has started showing interest in cooking. She has learnt to make maggi and makes it with her mother or sister's help. SHe has also learnt how to take dosa from the tava.

V.Aravindh-Star of Ekadaksha*V.ARAVINDH*

Age: 12 years

During the lockdown: Has understood the situation and accepted that he has to stay at home and be safe. He has shown positive changes in bonding with his family and communicating appropriately. 

Communication & Socialising: He has always loved to communicate and socialise. Now, he has started using words which are appropriate to a situation. He has developed a great attachment with his family - Mother, Father and Sister. There is an increased bond between him and his father now. He is also having friendly and good conversations with his neighbours. 

Activities of daily living: He is now independent in eating and using the restroom. He is able to wear his T.Shirt with minimal help and has started taking bath twice a day.  

Helping at home: It is his duty to fill the water bottles and clear the washed vessels. He also follows any other work given by his mother. 

New skills learnt: He is learning bhajans and simple dance steps. 

 Safa-Star of Ekadaksha*SAFA FATHIMA*

Age: 9years

During the lockdown: Positive changes in communication and doing activities.

Communication & Socialising: She has improved in both receptive and expressive communication. She is able to understand what is being told to her. She expresses what she wants either verbally or through gestures. She has also begun to answer questions correctly. Emotions like happy, sad and angry are known to her very well. She is able to express as well as understand when she goes through these emotions too. She does not like to see anyone crying or angry. 

She has become very close to herr sister. They play, fight, argyr, enjoy and care for eachother. Safa loves to do all her school activities with her sister. She listens very well to her sister who is a role model for her. 

Activities of daily living: She has improved in all her ADL's with the help of her sister. She is trying to bathe and brush by herself. 

New skills learnt: She has learnt to keep things in their respective places. She has developed an interest in colouring. 

Vishal-Star of August 2020, Ekadaksha Learning Center, Chennai


Age: 13 Years

Talents: Art, Music

About Vishal: Vishal has been with Ekadaksha for about 5-6 years. This little boy came to us with issues of communication, socialising, clueless about his surroundings, behaviours like laughing uncontrollably, throwing things etc. and zero independence in any skill (Daily skills as well as anything related to activities). He also has a problem with his eye sight.

Over the years, this smart young boy has grown so responsible and mature. He has shown great interest and an in built talent for art and music. His confidence has improved ten fold and he had started becoming independent in most skills. He had also begun to communicate and socialise well with teachers and peers. Once this began, his behaviours also became more positive. 

His mother's strong confidence and encouragement towards him, has made him do amazing things this Lockdown period. 

During the Lockdown: Remarkable and positive changes. Has become a responsible and caring young teenager. Helps with househole worls and takes care of his mother very well. If she sweats, he comes to wipe off her sweat. When she works, he comes to help her. Has developed a close bond and understanding with his twin sister too. 

His care extends to birds as well. When he sees a crow near the house, he immediately puts a biscuit for it, since he feels it is hungry. 

Activities of daily living (Eating, bathing, toileting): He has become completely independent. 

Academic based functional activities: He is very interested to do any activity given to him. Looks forward to school activities. 

Communication: He is now communicating his needs and feelings appropriately and is very clear with his actions. 

 Star of August - Sanjuktha, Ekadaksha Learning Center, Chennai


Age: 14 Years

About Sanjuktha: Sanjuktha joined Ekadaksha at the age of 13 years. This pretty girl would get upset easily and wasn't interested in doing any activities or being with anyone. There was never a smile on her face. 

This same pretty girl has shown remarkable changes over her time at Ekadaksha which has extended into the Lockdown period as well. She has become a smart, confident girl whose smile radiates happiness at home. Kudos to her parents who have accepted her so beautifully and followed every suggestion given by her teachers at Ekadaksha. We are proud of Sanjuktha and her parents. Here is a small explanation of some of Sanjuktha's achievements. 

During the Lockdown: Remarkable and positive changes in communicating and socialising with her parents as well as in doing her work. She is becoming more loving, caring, understanding and trusting towards her parents developing  adeep relationship with them. 

Communication: She has become more expressive. She wants to talk a lot, sometimes relevant words and sometime irrelevant words. She is expressing her gratitude by saying 'Thankyou' and hugging her parents, her mistakes by saying 'Sorry', Saying 'No' when she does not want something. She is understanding what her parents are telling her and also able to follow simple instructions given by them related to household activities. She is also able to show her emptions by smiling, hugging etc. 

The mother-daughter bond has become very special. She always wants to be with her mother, talk to her and hug her. 

Activities of daily living (Eating, bathing, toileting): She is almost wearing her dress independently now. She calls her mother with words or gestures when she needs help. 

Helping at home: She takes intersest in helping at home by putting the clothes in the laundry, keeping her vessels in the sink and clearing her toys. 

Academic based functional activities: She has developed an interest to do activities with her mother. She listens and observes well. 

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