Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs
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Acroyoga - It is yoga, yoga of trust, yoga of bonding, yoga of understanding. Sakti Shilpa of 'The Yoga Space', Chennai conducted this amazing workshop for children, teachers and parents of Ekadaksha. It was something new and different for all of these groups.Apart from the physical aspect of Yoga, all these groups took back some learning which was essential to each of them. 

Shilpa is one of the very few in India who have an International Acroyoga instructors certification. Apart from having the best knowledge and skills in Hatha yoga, Thai yoga massage and Acrogyoga, Shilpa is a very humble, loving and sincere person. This makes her sessions very comfortable and interesting for the participants. To know more about Shilpa and Acroyoga click here.

Acroyoga and children indeed go together. With the exception of 2 children, all the others were ready to participate and perform any yoga pose. They had no fear when it came to being lifted or moved around. There were some who asked for more too. Their smiles and laughter showed us how much fun they were having. Trust and bonding is so difficult for us adults. The children taught us - Trust, it is not so difficult and have no fear. Click here for the fearless photos. 

Acroyoga and the teachers was another session of super fun and learning. It wasn't only about doing yoga together, it was much more than that. It was a learning about the importance of touch, trust and relaxing. All these three attributes are so important while working with the children. The teachers were so happy and excited since they had never ever done somthing like this before nor had they imagined themselves doing the amazing things they did in this session. Click here to see the photos of bonding. 

Acroyoga and the parents, a session which was an eye opener to many of the parents to their own needs. This session took the parents through a series of simple exercises to make them understand that they need to take care of themselves first, and only then they can take care of others. Again a fun session with lots of bonding, this session, left many of the mothers wanting more. Click here to see photos of relaxation. 

Thankyou Shilpa for the wonderful sessions:-). 

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