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Workshop on holistic parenting by Mr. Veluprakash 2019 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiEkadaksha's first workshop of the year - A workshop on Holistic parenting by Mr. Velu Prakash. 

In this new era of technology and modernisation, we have forgotten all about our traditional ways of life. Mr.Velu has taken a wonderful initiative to bring this back into our lives. In this workshop, he gave parents tips on foods to avoiod, while giving suggestions of traditional and more healthy substitutes. Apart from this, he gave points of hygiene of mouth and body using the old methods. An important note was that all products we use inside (food) and outside (eg:creams, soasps, toothpaste etc.) our body will be absorbed by our body. Therefore, we need to put in a thought of the products we are using in and outside our body. However, he also mentioned that allopathy is necessary in emergency situations, so be practical - You need to decide when to go traditional and when to go modern. 

Mr. Velu stressed on one of the super danger food - white sugar - he gave is the whole process of its making and scared us all:-). After listening to this, most of us would not want to touch this sugar again. But then, we have to give a break, and we served the most amazingly sweet tea/coffee to the participants along with the other danger - Maida:-).. It was the very opposite of what he was telling us, but everyone did enjoy it:-). However, next time sweet tea/coffee/biscuit - bye bye... We need to get some healthy stuff. Wonder what it will be:-)

He also spoke about the soul journey of a child and mentioned how important nature is in our life. Playing near trees, in parks, on the beach - This can do wonders for our bodies, more so ever for our children's bodies. 

So let us all strive to bring back the traditional ways in our life whils also being practical. Thankyou Mr. Velu for this insightful workshop. We wish you the best in this interesting venture. Click on this link for a short video and some pictures of the Holistic parenting workshop.

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