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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

The season of Christmas brings festivity and joy. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th marking the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus. It is one of the most enjoyed festivals all over the globe.The celebration of Christmas involves a lot of preparations.The festive mood begins with decorating the chirstmas tree, preparing cakes,decorating homes,streets and buildings with colorful lights and other decorations and buying gifts for family and friends.

At Ekadaksha,the children and teachers decorated the Christmas tree at the beginning of December. Every morning the children were welcomed with Christmas music.

Ms.Komathi,Ms.Mercy and Ms.Mari were the organisers of the Christmas celebration and preparations went on in full swing with the preparation of Christmas art, Christmas craft and many decorations. The week before Christmas, a count down began with jingles and music. They announced - 3 days to go,2 days to go and 1 day to go,and finally the big celebration day arrived.

On the day of Celebration, children and teachers came dressed in Christmas colors – Red,White and Green. A lot of surprises were in store for the children.

Ms.Mercy welcomed everyone and gave a brief introduction about Christmas. She then welcomed two special guests – A star and a tree visited the center. They performed a cute skit in which the two had a conversation to conveyed why Christmas is celebrated. The star was glittering bright with joy while the tree felt dull and sad. So, in order to cheer up the tree, all of us covered the tree with lovely decorations and took photos with the tree. This made the tree very happy. Then they explained to the audience about Christmas. They danced around and sang 'lalala'. They brought in the birth of Jesus with great joy. 

After this cute performance, the children watched a video about the birth of Lord Jesus where he was surrounded by His parents Mary and Joseph, many animals and the Three Wise Men. Then came a melodious song sung by Ms.Komathi, “Chinna chiru kudililae..Kanni mari madiyilae", a tamil song explaining the birth of Jesus in the hut, a kind of lullaby for Baby Jesus.

It was then time for the big surprise. Yes…With jingle bells ringing Santa Claus arrived with a big bang. With so much josh and bubbling energy Santa entered singing the song “Thatha vandhene..Thatha vandhene...", a peppy tamil song stating that santa has arrived with lots of gifts. He jumped with joy,danced and played with the children.The children were so excited and totally immersed themselves into interacting with Santa. They shook hands and danced with him. Our Dear Santa Claus came from far away and spread dynamic energy around Ekadaksha. His laugh and his belly bouncing were hilarious and made all of us laugh. It was awesome fun. Santa danced with everyone to a few Christmas songs which ended with the traditional 'We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year". Finally, Santa had to move on and he said a big Bye while wishing the children the best always.   

For the children who come for remedial classes, Santa did different actions with them and gave them gifts. All of them also shared what they know and like about Christmas, some being, Santa, Christmas tree and gifts. 

Click here to see pictures of a very Merry Christmas.

Click here to see pictures of the Remedial children's Merry Christmas. 

Click here to see our Christmas tree being decorated. 

Click here to see pictures of a Decorated ELC for Christmas. 

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This musical Christmas touched everyone's hearts. It created a vibrant energy, smiles and cheers. The joy of Christmas was felt all around. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas – Time to spread cheers,joy and smiles.

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