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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Diwali is one of the major religious festival celebrated in our country.Different parts of India have different versions of celebrating Diwali – In North India the festival marks the home coming of Lord Rama to the city of Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. In South India the festival marks the defeat of the asura “Narakasura” by Lord Krishna and in few places the festival is accompanied with Lakshmi puja, inviting Goddess Lakshmi to their homes marking the beginning of prosperity, joy and wealth.

Deepavali means “row of lights”- People light diya’s and decorate their homes with lights. Diwali is also the time to visit friends and family to greet each other,exchange gifts,wear  new clothes and burst fire crackers.

Ekadaksha celebrated Diwali this year with grandly. Children and Teachers came decked up in bright traditional attire. The center was decorated with beautiful art work – rangolis, fireworks, diyas which were made by our children.

There were two parts of the celebration.

Part one: A Diwali themed poster making; and Part two: A sound and light show. 

Ms. Priya welcomed everyone and explained the activity of Diwlai themed posters. Art materials were arranged for two groups of children. The Express children and teachers made a poster depicting colorful fireworks shooting up into the sky. The Experience children and teachers made a poster depicting colorful diya’s decorated with colorful beads. Group pictures were taken along with the posters after lighting Lamps (Diyas) in the classroom.

Ms. Archana took over to introduce the sound and light show which was an exciting experience for all. The children did a torch light dance in which they held torches and followed the steps done by Ms.Ganga. The children who performed were Vidhyut,Sanjeev,Aravind and Amaan. After the Scintillating dance performance, a count down…"5..4..3..2..1” was made to begin the Grand Finale - "The Ekadaksha Diwali Light and Sound Show”. A ten minute audio-visual was created which showed Diwali songs,Illuminations of eminent buildings of our country,India and a colorful Fireworks show.  The AV also took everyone down the memory lane showcasing few pictures of how Diwali was celebrated at Ekadaksha in the past years.

The show ended with the whole school taking a wonderful group picture together with everyone having lovely, bright smiles. 

Click here to see the Diwali Decoration.

Click here to see photos of the delightful celebration. 

Click here to see the dance performance, fireworks show and our diwali wishes. 

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Diwali.

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