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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Onam is celebrated in Kerala and in other parts of India too.The harvest festival of kerala,Onam marks the return of the King Mahabali to his beloved state Kerala. People decorate their homes with Pookolam as a means to give the floral carpet welcome to King Mahabali.

The dress code for the day was the traditional half white shade attire for teachers and red, blu, green and yellow colours for the children. Ms.Komathi,Ms.Madhumitha and Ms.Archana Joshi – The organizers of the event,introduced the festival and told the story of King Mahabali. The board was decorated with rangoli’s made by children.

As the tradition of Onam is to make beautiful Pookolams (Flower decorations), the children engaged in plucking the petals from different color flowers and segregating them into bowls. The children were divided into their house groups and used these petals to make designs which were drawn on chart paper. Red house made a beautiful Banana poo kolam, Blue house made an umbrella,the yellow house made a “Kalash or Kumbam” and the green house made a big flower. These are important things for Onam. Each pookolam was displayed with an explanation given by Ms. Madhumitha. 

As colorful and fragrant as the flowers of the pookolam, lets make our lives colorful too by spreading joy,happiness and smiles to our near and dear on this occasion of Onam.

Happy Onam...Onam Ashamsagal..

Click here to see the children with their pookolams. 

Click here to see the children making their beautiful pookolams.

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