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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

National sports day is celebrated in India on 29th of August to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Hockey champion Major Dhyan Chand. This day is celebrated with the aim to increase awareness on the importance of sports, games and physical activities and making it as a part of our daily life. Sports and games also instil values like discipline,team spirit,cooperation and socializing with others. Hence, sports activities are always a part of the daily routine at Ekadaksha Learning Center.

On the day of celebration of National Sports Day, games were conducted for the children as a means to encourage their participation,develop team spirit and to have fun as well.

“Dropping the ball by crossing the hurdles relay” was the game.Children were divided into teams and each child was asked to put a ball in a small bowl, cross the hurdles and drop the ball into a basket kept at the other end.The child then has to pass the bowl to the next player in his/her team.The team that finishes transferring all the balls first were the winners.

In the game between Express A and Express B classes, Express A team won the game.In the game between Experience 2A and Experience 2B classes, Experience 2A won the game. The finals was conducted between Express A and Experience 2A classes and the final winners were Experience 2A.

The game was played with great enthusiasm and at the same time, children also learnt to stay focused and be aware of the hurdle in between, coordinating and cautiously walking to the touch line.

Sports and games not only ensure physical fitness,but also help in mental fitness,improving attention and focus,giving us a sense of accomplishment and helping us stay relaxed. So let us make physical activities and any sport an integral part in order to lead a healthy life.

Happy National Sports Day.

Click here to see our children crossing the obstacles. 

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