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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Friends make the world a better place to live.Every person in this world deserves the company of a friend.Every stage of life is unique and at each stage we make different friends who make our lives beautiful.Friendship day is an occasion where we wish our friends and express gratitude to all our buddies who have contributed to our journey of life.

The bondage and friendships developed during school days remain in the hearts forever.The innocent smiles,pure joy,genuine sharing and caring makes it unique,wonderful and lasting forever.

Our children at Ekadaksha also have built bonds with friends at school. It is so lovely to see these wonderful friendships blossoming among our children.The naughty pranks, notoriously ganging up to disturb the teacher, helping eachother, caring and pure excitement to be with eachother. 

Friendship Day 2023 was planned and well executed by Ms.Priya. She introduced and explained about friendship day through the avaz app.

The children names were written on chits. Each child was made to pick a chit. The child on the chit, came to the stage and the two children shook hands and wished each other for friendship day. They enjoyed giving friendship design stamps in each other's hands and posing for a photograph together. After this, the founders,teachers,volunteers and akka's did the same and tied friendship bands for eachother. 

The celebration ended by dancing together for some fun peppy numbers.

Every moment in life becomes joyful when we have the right friends and right people around."Celebrate your friends..Celebrate life..Happy Friendship Day"

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