Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Yoga is like music.The Rhythm of the body,the Melody of the mind and the Harmony of the soul create the Symphony of Life. International Yoga Day and Music day were celebrated at Ekadaksha Learning Center doing simple movements, followed by action songs.

The celebration started with deep relaxed breating and OM chanting. Without explicitly giving instructions and making the children do the yoga pose, the facilitator brought out the yoga poses in the children by narrating a story of a jungle scene created in imagination. All children and teachers listened to the narrator and did movements of animals,birds and trees.

It started with the tree pose(Tadasana) and gentle swaying like a tree, followed by arm movements like a bird.Then came the energetic jumping action like the monkeys and stomp stomp like the elephants.The story then moved on to the wilder side of the jungle with a roaring lion action in which the children and teachers got into cat posture(Chakravakasana). After the energetic movements, the narrator took everyone to a calm area where there were beautiful stones and pebbles. Enacting this,everyone sat quietly (Sukhasana). Then everyone went through a lovely stream rowing on a boat (Navasana).The stream had snakes and crocodiles.The children lay down and raised their heads enacting the snake pose(Bhujangasana) followed by relaxed pose like a crocodile (Makarasana). 

By this creative way the children learnt and enjoyed doing the yogasanas.Click here to view the pictures.   

World Music Day was also celebrated. Music has the ability to connect people and the music time is the favorite one of all children at Ekadaksha.The Teachers and Volunteers sang few simple songs with actions which the child could follow and do. Sung in English and Tamil, the children had a great time. Click here to view the pictures.



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