Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Workshop for Parents

A workshop was conducted for the parents of the ELC children. The facilitator of the workshop Ms. Hemalatha is a Doctoral candidate at California Institute of Integral studies, USA psychologist and founder of 4swithin.

At ELC we interact almost everyday with the parents. With every conversation, we understand that the thing they need the most is relaxation and to be stress free. Therefore, we decided to do a workshop wherein they could forget about their worries for a few hours atleast.

The workshop began with an introduction of each parent. All the parents introduced themselves with their names with the mention of ‘mother of …..’. After the introduction, they were given the space to regard themselves as themselves, an individual who has their own needs and wishes. They were allowed to keep all the other tags aside for that time.

After the introduction, a few fun clapping games were played. This was followed by a relaxed time of colours. Ms. Hemalatha narrated a story. The parents closed their eyes, relaxed and visualized. Once the story was narrated, they could colour all the colours they had visualized in the story, after which they shared their experiences in pairs.

The session ended with some high energy dance steps by each parent. It definitely was a stress buster.

Click here for pictures of the parents workshop.

Workshop for Teachers

A workshop was conducted for the Teachers, volunteers and helpers of ELC. This workshop was also facilitated by Ms. Hemalatha.

We have a great team at Ekadaksha. When they work together, it brings out the best in each of them. In this workshop they understood their individual roles and behaviours while they work in a team. They were able to point out their strengths as well as the areas that they could improve on. They also understood that when each person played their role as it was meant to be, the whole team got together effortlessly.

The workshop started with an introduction with a difference. A set of dolls was placed and each person introduced themselves with a doll they could relate to the most. This was followed by a game of awareness of the surroundings. The next part was a really interesting one, wherein they created different scenes following the action of one person in the group. As one person initiated an action, the others observed carefully and slowly joined into the scene making it a complete one. It was great fun.

Artwork and Team work also go well together. Two groups were formed. Each individual could choose any material and make whatever they want. The twist – No one could talk or interact in any way. One had to observe and do their work as the work had to get together to become one solid piece. It was quite a challenging task.

The workshop ended with each person gifting another whatever they wanted through words or touch.

Click here for pictures of the teachers workshop. 



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