Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Ekadaksha -The place where we share similarities, celebrate our differences. 

                   -The place where children are accepted and respected for what they are.

                   -The place where amzing things happen. 

ELC celebrated 13 years of uniqueness and awesomeness. As always the center was decorated grandly. The children's hand prints adorned the wall, the hands we work with everyday. The celebration began with a warm welcome of the founders of ELC. A child from each class presented each founder with a bouquet of roses. It was a touching moment as the children brought in the founders to the dias. Watch these moments here. 

This was followed by scintillating dance performances of all the classes of ELC. The Express 6 class gave two performances of well known Tamil songs. One was a lovely graceful song 'Paraka paraka' while the other was an energetic dynamic one called 'Thai kizhavi'. The Express 3 class performed an action song 'Clap your hands'. The children performed the actions independently and with so much of joy. The Experience classes gave a brilliant performance to the peppy song 'Ranjithamae'. They danced with poms poms while one child enacted the drummed, beating the drum in sync with the song. Click here to see pictures of the dances and watch the dance perfomances here

After these super duper energetic performances, each child was awarded with a medal which was customized with their photos and a positive word that best describes them. The founders gave away the medals which were received happily and proudly by the children. Click here for the proud medal moments. The celebration ended with a free dance time wherein the children and teachers danced together. Click here to watch each with their own creative steps. 

Birthday celebrations aren't complete without some cake and snacks right!!! The ELC children enjoyed eating spring rolls, cakes and cookies for snack time while the staff enjoyed a lunch meal together.

Celebration with remedial children: The children enjoyed singing the birthday song for Ekadaksha, after which a fun dupatta game was played. The children then chose different props and posed for the camera. The children enjoyed and had huge smiles. Click here to see this fun time. 

This day was indeed one to remember - A day of happiness, joy, smiles, cheers and positivity.

Wishing ELC a Happy Birthday and many more wonderful years. 



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