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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

christmas 2022, ELC

Christmas is a time to love, to spread joy and happiness. It is celebrated by people all over the world. It is during this festival that family and friends get together to remember and appreciate all the good things that they have. 

At ELC, the christmas mood was set in by the beginning of December.  The Christmas tree was decorated by the children and teachers of the Center. It was a fun affair. The children waited for their turn and put the decoration independently in the spot they chose. As they decorated the tree, the joy and excitement could be seen on their faces. Click here to see how wonderfully the children decorated the tree.

Ms.Akila, Ms.Ganga, Ms.Priya and Ms.Mari were the event coordinators for the Christmas celebration. They prepared everything right from the artwork, decoration and the final programme. Each class was given a work of art - either colouring, sticking, painting etc based on what the children are learning in class. The whole center was decorated with beautiful Christmas artwork. A Christmas tree with all the photos of the children and staff at ELC-The ELC Family-was also made. Click here to see the awesome Christmas decoration. 

One week before Christmas, the Christmas Countdown began with the teachers announcing - 4 more days to go, 3 more days to go, 2 more days to go and 1 more day to go and finally here it was -CHRISTMAS!!! Click here to see the Christmas countdown. 

On THE day, everyone at Ekadaksha was all dressed up in bright, beautiful and smart attire. The excitement was obvious and the center was filled with cheer. Ms. Priya gave the introduction by showing a baby doll in a crib to depict the birht of Lord Jesus. Then began the string of surprises - The visit of two special guests. The Christmas tree and a snowman came live to meet the children at ELC. It was amazing. Every child could not take their eyes off these two visitors.The Christmas tree performed a dance with pompoms and the snowman did a cute little dance talking about herself. There was an interactive session between the guests and the children. The christmas tree danced with the children and the snowman blew bubbles for them. There were hand shakes, smiles, hi fives, hi tens and a lot of love. Click here to see this lively and peppy time. 

Next, time for another fun time - A photoshoot. A special photo booth was prepared with pretty glittery decoration. Each child was called to the stage by rolling a dice. Based on the colour rolled on the dice, the children were chose from each house. The children posed in the photo booth which was adjusted according to each child's pose. Click here to see these wonderful pictures of our dear children and teachers. 

Christmas celebrations cannot be without songs and snacks.The finale of the day was everyone singing and listening to Christmas songs. Yummy snacks from Disha's delight made the celebration complete. Ms. Ganga provided the thanking note to all for making the occasion a super duper one. 

Christmas was celebrated with our Remedial children too. These children also dressed up smartly. We had a discussion about the festival in which they shared what they knew and liked about Christmas. This was followed by a game of musical chairs. The finale was the photoshoot after which the children enjoyed the yummy snacks. Click here to see this celebration. 

The entire celebration was full of pleasant surprises. The lovely smiles, the joy, the calmness, the fun, all this filled everyone's heart with everlasting happiness. A Merry Merry Christmas indeed!!!




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