Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Navratri celebration 2022 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiNavratri is a festival to celebrate good over evil. The celebration at Ekadaksha began with the South Indian style of setting up the golu and doing the Aarti. The Golu consisted of all artwork done by the children of each class - explore, express, experience and remedial children. The groups made models of the topics they are learning in class. There were models of fruits and vegetables, healthy and junk food, rooms in the house, whole and half, number concept 1 to 5. Click here to see the lovely Golu of Ekadaksha.

After a yummy snack of sundal and kesari sweet, the whole school gathered in the hall for dance and music. Every house was given an activity which they would perform in front of the other houses.

Red house danced Garba - A dance in which clapping hands and twirling are the main steps. Garba is great for coordination, stamina building and is a lot of fun too. Watch our amazing Garba dancers here. 

Blue house sang songs in praise of the Goddess followed by Garba songs. The children used instruments to compliment the song. It was lovely to see the children being excited to play the rhythms. Watch our lovely music band here. 

Green house performed a Fashion show. They walked the ramp likes kings and queens. Watch them walking the ramp here.

Yellow house dis the Dandia dance - A dance which involves hitting of sticks(called dandias) in a rhythmic manner. Like Garba, Dandia is also extremely good for coordination and stamina. Watch our amazing Dandia dancers here. 

This was followed by a solo performance by Master Devank. He did a special Garba performance.  Watch this cute performance here. 

The finale was the whole school Garba dance wherein the whole school formed a circle together and enjoyed dancing. Click here to watch. 

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