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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Onam celebrations at ELC, Chennai 2022The festival of Onam was celebrated by Ekadaksha with a lot of colour and fun as always. In the spirit of the festival, our children dressed up for the occasion, brightening up our hallways!

We kicked off the festivities in our classes by making traditional Onam pookolam with the children. Each class was given a design on which, the children put different colours of flowers. Kolams are significant in their auspiciousness and in making them we hope the children felt the sense of joy and excitement that follows our Indian festivals. And of course, they help jazz up the place!

After this, the pookolams were arranged and a lamp was lit to begin the 'Boat race' game. Boat races are a famous aspect of the Onam festival in Kerala. The race at Ekadaksha was played among the house teams of red, blue, green and yellow house. The aim of this game was to collect as many paper boats as the team could from a basket on one end and transfer them to a container of water on the other end - All this while being bound together with a dupatta. The teams that won each game, played a game of 'Tug of war' with eachother. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and the spirits were high throughout the day! Click here to see the pretty poo kolams and click here to see the games - Boat race and Tug of war

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