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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Celebrating friendship day 2022 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiFRIENDSHIP DAY - A day we celebrate the greatness of friendship, the greatness of this bond which we choose. Each friend that we have has an impact on our lives which makes this journey of life an even more interesting one. 

This friendship day was special becuase we celebrated it at the Center after 2 years. The Coronavirus pandemic had closed down the world to social interactions, but this year everyone is back together again. The children were super excited to see eachother. Some of them hugged eachother while some were just comfortable to be around their friends. Recently we have also been noticing some interesting and cute interactions in the classrooms. Two boys listening to music, one swaying and looking at the other, their eyes meet and they smile. One little girl looking at her classmates happily while another sits in front of her friends holding their hands. A few of the enjoying looking out of the window together, sometimes upshing eachother away to get more space. All these interactions have been really special. 

One might wonder why these interactions are so interesting!!! 

Well, many of the children have difficulties socialising and communicating in the so called acceptable way. Making and maintaining friendships is a challenging task for them. One might think that they do not want to interact and that they do not want friends - But, this is not true - They do want to interact and they do want to have friends. The connections they build are so strong and so pure. Therefore, these interactions are a real happiness to watch, these interactions are a divine bond, a bond that cannot be explained. 

This year on friendship day a new friend Puppet "Queenie" visited Ekadaksha. She interacted with the children and spent time dancing and singing with them. The children loved Her. They looked at Her, listened and responded so well. The vibe at Ekadaksha was full of fun, happiness and friendship. Click here to see the video of fun with Queenie. And here for some pictures too. 

Click here to read the lovely words of a parent of one of our children. These words reflect how Parents of children with special needs need the support of friends too. When all of them come together, they understand eachother, they get what each one goes through and they are non judgemental. This friendship helps them not only raise their children, but raise themselves. 

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