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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Celebrating Holi 2022 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiThe festival of colours - Holi is one which is filled with fun, laughter, colour and a huge sensory experience. A sensory experience?? Yes, because it involves being with people, noise, touch,movement, smells and lots of colours being thrown around. This could be an excellent festival for those who crave these sensory needs while it could be a nightmare for those who cannot are averse to these sensory experiences. Therefore, keeping in mind the sensory needs and health of the children, ELC plans Holi with a simple celebration where all of them can experience and enjoy no matter what their needs are. 

The celebrations began with a teeka on the forehead for all of us, after which every teacher put a little bit of holi colour on the childrens hands and legs depending on the comfort of the child. Then it was dance time, dancing to the tunes of Holi songs - Rang barse, Holi ke din, Holiya mein ude re gulal. 'Holi hai' was the slogan of the day. 

To see photos of our holi celebration, click here.

To watch videos of our holi celebration, click here.


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