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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

ELC first graduation day, 2022 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiELC's first Graduation day!!!

Two of our boys - Abishek and Tarak crossed the age of 18, become young adults and are moving on from Ekadaksha to the next stage, the next journey of their lives. 

Abishek has been with us from the initiation of Ekadaksha and Tarak since 2011/2012. This day was an important and emotional day for all of us at Ekadaksha - The parents, the teachers and the Trustees. We at Ekadaksha are so grateful to the parents for putting their trust in ELC. ELC has provided the safest and happiest environment for these boys and given them the best of everything. 

The event began with an introduction and calling of theTrustees and the families on stage. After a warm welcome speech by Ms. Bharathi, Director, ELC, Tarak and Abishek's pre vocational teacher, Ms. Komathi shared her experiences taking class for these boys. She shared some funny incidents and some emotional ones too. This was followed by a speech by our Trustee, Mr. Hiten Joshi who appreciated ELC and wished the boys the very best. Mr. Joshi presented Tarak with a photo frame of his ELC journey and presented the family with a bag of products made by the pre vocational children. Mr. Bharath, our Trustee, then gave a speech sharing his journey of graduating and encouraging the parents to never give up. He then presented Abishek with a similar photo frame and the family with a bag of products too. 

The parents of Tarak and Abishek then spoke a few words to thank ELC, the teachers and staff. Tarak's elder sister also expressed her appreciation. It was an emotional moment to hear these words of praise from the families of these two boys who were with us for such a long time. Their words were filled with genuine love and happiness. The final thanking note was followed by snacks and sweets for all. 

 Click here for pictures of this beautiful event. 




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