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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Annual day celebrations 2021, A virtual stage at Ekadaksha, ChennaiAnnual day 2021 - A virtual stage for our children and their families. A series of competitions was organised for the children, their parents/grandparents and siblings. The outcome of participation was amazing and done with tremendous enthusiasm. Photos, videos and audio clips were collected and presented on a virtual platform. All families attended and encouraged each other. It was a beautiful get together indeed. 

The main theme for this annual day was 'Family participation and inclusion'. All of us know how important it is for an entire family to be involved in the upbringing and positive development of a special child, in fact any child. At Ekadaksha we have observed that the primary care giver is usually the mother and it is her life which revolves around child. However, we have observed that during the lockdown, a number of fathers and siblings too have involved themselves in various activities of the special child at home. This gave us the idea to motivate the parents and siblings to bring out their talents too. And we loved the response. We had a set of judges which included our Trustee, Mr. Hiten Joshi, his wife, Mrs. Marijanne Joshi and the families of the directors of Ekadaksha Learning Center - Mr. Shyamsunder (Husband of Ms. Kanaka), Mr Balarajan (Husband of Ms. Bharathi), Mr. Haridas (Husband of Ms. Bindu), Mr. Praveen (Husband of Ms. Archana), Mr. Nishok (Son of Ms. Kanaka)

The events for the Children of Ekadaksha were Art, craft, dance and fancy dress. The art and craft events were judged classwise. The teachers had provided the plan to the parents who had to work along with their child to make the item. For the art competition, the express classes made crayon art and stamping art, the experience classes made stamping art with borders, the pull out and remedial classes created a scenery. For the craft competition, the express classes made pen stands and mirror art, the experience classes made a necklace of beads, the pull out and remedial classes made a photoframe. The dance and fancy dress competitions were judged based on the whole school entries. For the dance competition, the children dances to their favourite tracks. For the fancy dress competition, the children dressed up as various characters. Click here to view the children's events and the winners. 

The events for the Parents were Art & craft, photography, singing and kolam/rangoli.  We at Ekadaksha, really want to encourage all the parents and grandparents to do what they like apart from taking care of their children and families. This is very important for their own well being and happiness. Everyone needs a break, everyone needs to do things they wish to do as well. Therefore, we are very proud to present the talents of the most important people in our children's lives. Click here to view the Parent's events and the winners. 

The events for the Siblings were Art & craft, dance, singing and fashion show. The siblings play an important role in the life of a special child. Some of them become role models to the the child while some become wonderful care takers. There are times when they too have to balance the time and affection from their parents due to the extra demands which may occur due to the needs of a special child. If parents create a healthy atmosphere to balance the needs of all their children, respect and love develops in a positive manner. Each of these siblings at Ekadaksha have lovely talents and have participated with great josh. Click here to view the Sibling's events and the winners.

Well, this was not the end of the competitions. The teachers, volunteers and helpers at Ekadaksha were also given opportunities to have some fun and do something other than the usual activities. We had a series of competitions for them too. This was great fun and the judges were none other than the four directors of ELC - Bharathi, Bindu, Kanaka, Archana. The first competition was finding the Masterchef Ekadaksha, a cooking competition to make a healthy salad and a paneer dish. The second competition was a fashion show to select the beauty from all the beauties. The third competition was a Teaching-learning material (TLM) making competition. Click here to view the Teacher's events and the winners. 

Another successful annual day celebration. The stage may have been a virtual one, but the participation was real, filled with lots of love and josh. Click here to watch the audience of this stage. 


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