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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

A Nutrition education initiative by Ekadaksha and IINS, Chennai Nutrition is an aspect which is very important for the growth and development of a child. It is necessary to know the adequate amount and the right food to give a child. Every child is different and unique even when it comes to eating food. Some children eat well while others are fussy eaters. This series of 4 episodes will give all parents and educators a lot of information about Nutrition in general as well as tips for a Nutritious meal for a child. 

This Series is and initiative by Ekadaksha and Indian Institute of Nutritional Sciences. Our guest, Dr. Varsha is conducting all the sessions and will also answer any queries which will be put up in the course of the series. Dr. Varsha is a consultant, Clinical Nutritionist and the Founder Chair of 'Indian Institute of Nutritional Sciences'. She is also a certified injury specialist. She has been guiding the parents at Ekadaksha about the right nutrition for their children too.

'YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT'. So eat right, eat healthy and eat happily too. 

A nutrition education initiative series, episode1 - Importance of nutrition, Ekadaksha, IINS, ChennaiThe first Episode of the series is about THE IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITION. You can click the following link to watch and listen to the presentation which covers various aspects like the milestones in eating, energy balance, assessing readiness to eat, major nutritional problems in the world, nutritional challenges in children and various parent concerns. Our facebook live link on 'The importance of Nutrition'.   The parents had a few questions with regard to this episode. Click this link for the Q&A

The Nutrition Education initiative by Ekadaksha, Chennai and IINS - Episode 2 - Responsive parentingThe second episode is about RESPONSIVE PARENTING. This episode gives us an insight on the meaning of parent responsivity and how to promote healthy eating and growth patterns. It also gives tips to parents for the process of eating. Our facebook live link on 'Responsive parenting'.  


The Nutrition Education initiative by Ekadaksha, Chennai and IINS - Episode 3 - Nutrition principlesThe third episode is about NUTRITION PRINCIPLES. This episode tell us about how our health depends on nutrition. We will get to know all about the nutrients needs for our body. the various food groups, the meaning of 'Diet', meal schedules, nutrition commandments and factors affecting nutrition. It also gives an insight on Malnutrition and how it can adversely affect the human body. Our facebook live link on 'Nutrition Principles'. 

The Nutrition Education initiative by Ekadaksha, Chennai and IINS - Episode 4 - Dietary principlesThe fourth episode answers all the 'wh' questions of eating - Why to eat, what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat???Every kind of food that we intake has been explained. The childhood stages of eating along with what can be done to inculcate good eating habits has also been explained.  Our facebook live link on 'Dietary Principles'. 

 The final Question & Answer session of The Nutrition series. Dr. Varsha clears all doubts and queries about Nutrition and diet. Click here to know more. 



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