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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Happy kutty story, a story by the teachers of ELC, ChennaiThe New year 2021 has bloomed in to spread positivity and smiles. At Ekadaksha too, this year began enthusiastically with a wonderful opportunity given to the teachers to conduct a virtual story time. The teachers were given full responsibility and freedom to plan and host the show. This kindled the creativity of the team of teachers and volunteers who set out to brainstorm. They got busy writing the story, editing, screenplay, making props, doing rehearsals... What not!!. The team was bubbling with energy. 

The story was titled 'Happy Kutty Story'. It was about the sadness of being unable to meet our friends due to the COVID19 lockdown and how we can make ourselves and others happy virtually too. It involved various animals and actions in order to engage the participants. 

On 8th January 2021, the Teachers, Children and Parents got together at 11.00am through a virtual platform for this Happy Kutty story. 

The story began with a remix of the popular song " Let me sing a kutty story, pay attention, listen to me". The song was modified to create awareness among the children to stay safe, use mask, wash hands with sanitizer and maintain social distancing. The wong was fun and the children enjoyed it.  

The story began with sadness in the air, wherein we could hear the sad tones and crying sounds of animals. The animals - cow, donkey, duck, goat and dog were feeling sad and lonely since they were unable to meet their friends. And we had a wonderful idea!!! To do actions and reach out to these animals. This should make them happy, right??? So while Ms. Nithya narrated and made excellent sounds and actions of the animals, the rest of us followed suit. 

"Shake your head, shake your head"... And the cow smiled and did a happy 'Moooo'.

"Tap, tap, tap"... And the donkey got very happy and gave a broad smile. 

"Clap, clap, clap"... And the duck came out of the water and jumped happily. 

"Roll, roll, roll"... And the goat bleated so happily. See these lovely engrossed faces here. 

"Shaky, shaky, shaky"... And the small puppy ran around wagging his tail. . 

Thus, Team Ekadaksha - Teachers, children and parents made all the animals happy. In this way all of us were happy too. Read the entire story here. Watch the entire story here. 

This event ended with a message " Let happiness be with us throughout the year". A lovely message, isn't it?Watch the entire event here. 

There were smiles on everyone's faces and a satisfaction of participating in the programme too. Everyone was so engrossed and enjoyed every bit of it. See these joyful engrossed faces here. 

We wish happiness, cheers and smiles to everyone always. 

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