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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Doodle and destress workshop by Quirkistry for ELC teachers, Ekadaksha, ChennaiQuirkistry is a space where one can learn not only to doodle and make quirky art, but also get in touch with one's self to relax and destress. Ms. Snigdha, who has a Masters in arts (Media management) and a Bachelors in business management, followed her passion of Art since she was a child.  She loves quirky art with a twist and believes that ' ART IS THERAPY', and it certainly is. Since the lockdown, she has been conducting art workshops of adults and children. These workshops involve doodling, mandalas, warli art, zentangles etc. 

In this atmosphere of stress and tension, Ekadaksha decided to have some fun activity for the teachers with a doodling workshop. The workshop was titled Doodle and destress which focused on why all of us love teaching and what impact we make on our students. It began with writing our names on our art sheet and filling it up with doodles of things involved in our teaching environments. After filling it up, we were given a set of questions to ponder over and write around our doodles. Each teacher drew a picture of themselves very beautifully and enjoyed the session. Once we began doodling, our whole focus was on our art and for that one and a half hours, the outside world was forgotten. The words written by the teachers were from the heart and showed their passion towards teaching and their students. 

Click here to see the teachers doodle and destress. 

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