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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Fun and virtual fitness session at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiEkadaksha conducted an online Fun Fitness and Exercise session. Fitness is an important aspect of life which helps us maintain a healthy body and mind. Children with special needs also need to be encouraged to do exercises regularly to be fit and healthy as well as let out their energies in an appropriate manner. Exercises can be in different forms like cross fit, weights, drills, running, yoga, any kind of sport etc. The child should be encouraged in the kind of exercise he/she likes to do. Everyday exercise should become a habit - a part of their lifestyle. It is extremely important for parents to inculcate this lifestyle. 

This virtual session was fun with fitness wherein the children worked out along with their parents. The session was filled with music, fun and games. It began with a warm up song (Clap, your hands) which most of the children absolutely love. Then there was a simple game of isometric poses till the count of ten, like standing without moving, standing on one leg and so on. This was followed by the School drill format with 8 counts forward and backward. The children then Marched around their houses - Left, Left, Left, Right, Left. After which we ended with rhythmic claps together. 

The children were excited and they indeed did have fun. All of them looked, followed instructions and worked out along with their parents who helped them do their best. They were happy to see their teachers and friends. It was really wonderful to see all of them respond so well and enjoy themselves. 

Click here to see the fun during the online virtual fitness session.



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