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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

National Sports day India 2019 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiIn India National sports day is celebrated on August 29th every year. It is indeed a day to promote as well as celebrate fitness and sport in the country. With a fast moving lifestyle, health and nutrition has been long forgotten by many. However, with such intiatives like the "Fit India Movement" , the citizens of the country are now gaining an awareness into the importance of a fit and healthy nutritious lifestyle. Everyone, young and old, seem to have taken to this movement and it is a rage all over social media as well. 

Children with special needs tend to develop health issues like obesity, diabetes, stomach issues etc. due to many factors one of them being the lack of movement or a movement which is not channelized. Parents of special needs children also are prone to health issues due to high amount of physical and emotional stress. Therefore, it is high time, fitness and nutrition become a LIFESTYLE - A WAY OF LIFE. Parents need the energy to cope with stress as well as be there for their children always while children need a path to channelize their energies - This can be possible through BEING FIT AND HEALTHY.

The National sports day events were conducted at the Ekadaksha Premises. The events included sack race, running race, bean bag pick up race, bean bag balancing race and hoops race. Eevry child participated in the race suited to his capabilities and interest. There was cheering, enthusiasm and encouragement all along. There were winners who got smiley badges and there were all the others who performed very well. Every child understood the rules of the race he/she participated in. They were aware that they were in a competition and enjoyed themselves without any apprehensions. Indeed a beautiful fit day for all the teachers too. 

Click here to see the participants in action and the winners ever so happy


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