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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Celebrating Christmas with Santa 2018 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiOnce again its Christmas time - A time to spread cheer and joy, A time which marks the new way of life, A feast of happiness. It is the birth of Jesus Christ who was considered as the saviour of the people who took them away from the darkness of ignorance. This is the day his birth is celebrated with colours, decorations and the joy of sharing. 

This year, Ekadaksha celebrated this joy of sharing by contributing towards the lunch at The Charu Home for the Aged. A young sports girl was also encouraged by Ekadaksha by a contribution towards her participation in a Football tournament. We wish her the best. 


Christmas begins with the decoration of the Christmas tree which was done by the children very enthusiastically. On the morning of Christmas, the children were dressed in shades of red, blue, green and yellow each representing the important aspects of Christmas. 

Green - The Christmas tree

Blue - The elves

Red - The Santas

Yellow - The reindeers

Santa gave a dashing entry.Everyone was thrilled and excited to sing and dance with him.He was accompanied by his Assistant (who makes all his appointments to all his favourtie places) and his Chef (Who cooks all his food to make him the jolly person that he is).  After Santa was introduced to everyone, he was given a special seat to watch the Christmas musical performance by the children and teachers of Ekadaksha. The performance included singing of songs along with music through various instruments. The practice for this had been going on for quite a while and the whole team performed beautifully. Santa was extremely happy to listen to all his favourite songs. 

The tradition of children sitting on Santa's lap to chat and get gifts was indeed fun for the kids, since they got a chocolate for just being themselves - Loving and happy. Santa also obliged to take photos with the teachers. And then it was time to jingle all the way. Santa danced with everyone and had a blast. The celebration has to end with a yummy snack, doesn't it?And that's exactly how it ended - A tasty tasty snack:-). 

Thankyou Santa. We had a wonderful time. Click here to see how wonderful it was.


The children had an introduction about Christmas and decorated the tree. They listened to Christmas music, after which they painted Glittering Christmas trees. As we know, a tasty snack was in store, which the children enjoyed to the core:-). 


The children were all dressed in their best attire and excited about celebrating Christmas. They had decorated the Christmas tree and made a lot of artwork to be displayed. There were 3 games which were played. The games were 'Building the tower', 'The cup game', 'The ball picking game'. While one set of children played the game, there was loud cheering by the rest of the children. A festive and jolly atmosphere indeed. And another tasty snack:-) Click here to see the fun games. 

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