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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Celebrating the Navratri Festival 2018 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiNavratri is a festival which is celebrated all over India in different ways based on different stories. The most well known stories are about the Goddess Durga who is an impersonation of 'Power'  and the story of Rama, Sita and Ravana. People in India prepare for this festival way before the actual Navratri starts. In some parts new clothes like ghargra cholis or lehengas are bought for people to look colourful during the dandia and garba dances. In some parts people fast while in other people feast. In some parts people decorate their houses with various dolls and interesting scenes. Read here to know more about Navratri celebrations all over India. 

Similarly, the festivities at ELC started a month ago. Teachers and children were busy preparing beautiful chart work, golu decorations and also practicing for some interesting performances. A golu was kept on the day of the celebration with - Pretty artwork by all the classes, Big chart work by each house (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) and a lovely small garden, zoo and park made by the Express group. The Center looked very colourful especially when the children entered with their festive attire. Children who never liked dressing up were now extremely excited to wear different clothes and also dress up for performances.

Finally, the festivities began with great enthusiasm and excitement, the time everyone was looking forward to - THE PERFORMANCES.....

Kolattam dance (A south indian dance with sticks) by the Blue house. Indeed a beautiful pleasure to watch the children understand the use of the sticks and dance to the tune of 'Kolgaladavom'.

Ganesha wants a vehicle (A story about our beloved Lord Ganesh) by the Red house. An amazing performance where every child was given roles which they can perform to their best. 

Garba dance (A dance of Gujarat) by the Yellow house. The cheerful and happy faces of the children who waitied for their turn and performed with full 'Josh' with their teacher was lovely to watch. 

Rama and Ravana (The story of Rama, Sita, Hanuman) by the Green house. The apt characters for the children as well as the wonderful sets and costumes created an excitement for all. 

A round of applause for all the above teams (teachers and children) who worked so hard and gave a wonderful time on this occasion:-)

At ELC, no festival goes by without yummy snacks. Traditional Sundal and Kesari were relished by the children. Of course, Navratri means the day has to end with the Garba and Dandia dance. Teachers and Children danced together and had a great time not to mention great exercise (The dance is quite a tiring one:-)) 

As any other festival, Navratri too spreads the blessings of the Lord, smiles, love , happiness and positive energy throughout. We wish one and all the HAPPY DUSSEHRA...Click here to see the colourful time at ELC during Navratri celebrations. 

Well, that was not all. The children who come for remedial sessions at Ekadaksha also celebrated this festival with us. All the children had made artwork and drawings with the Navratri theme. They gave speeches about their work and shared how they celebrate Navratri at home. After their speeches, they danced the Garba and Dandia dance in which they followed the steps shown by the teacher. Finally, they enjoyed some yummy snacks made by our Co-Founder, Mrs. Kanaka. Indeed a fun and yummy time. Click here to watch the children in action. 


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