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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Independence day of India celebrated by Ekadaksha Learning Center, Chennai in 2018 India celebrates her 72nd Independence day on 15th August 2018. This is a very significant day in India and it is celebrated with patriotism all over the country. It is the day of Freedom - Freedom to live one's life, freedom of choice, freedom to fulfil your heart's desires. Real freedom is the freedom to live your purpose. With this freedom comes the responsibility to ensure respect of the rights and feelings of others too. 

Ekadaksha celebrated Independence day, creating the sense of this freedom around the Center.All the children were dressed in white, while the teachers dressed in the colours of our National Flag. Each class depicted some of the important aspects of India and her freedom struggle. The Explore children painted the tri-colour flag and demonstrated it. Saketh Ram, of the school programme, gave a small speech about India's struggle for independence and introduced a few freedom fighters. The Express group proudly marched with pictures of these patriotic fighters. The map of India was shown by the School readiness group and they also had a slogan "I love my India". Unity in Diversity - That is what India is all about - The Experience children showed the different sects of people who live in our country. The children listened and danced to patriotic songs too. A happy and informative celebration of Independent India. Click here.

Freedom in a different perspective - "Freedom through the eyes of my child" - A touching Tamil poem written and presented by our parent/teacher, Ms. Subathra was a wonderful closure to the entire Independence performance. Click here to listen to and read the lovely poem. 

The Remedial children made wonderful speeches about India which was informative and also boosted their confidence. Click here to view their speeches. 

On this Independence day, let us pledge to spread peace, harmony, respect and enjoyment in the lives of all Indians. JAI HIND!!!



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