Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Ekadaksha Learning Center competes 8 years of service, ChennaiThe Fourth of March 2010-

'A day of memories,

A day a new entity was born,

A day we worked for-from Sunrise to Sunset.

A day that remains close to our heart,

The day Ekadaksha began,

To remain its best forever and ever...'

This was the day that Ekadaksha learning center opened its doors for all our lovely children with special needs and also to those who have the heart and soul to teach. It gives an amazing feeling to say that this year ELC complete 8 beautiful years. 


On this Founder's day, the founders, teachers and children gathered at the ELC premises. We had two very special guests with us - Mrs. Marijanne Joshi and Mr.Seshadri.. Apart from being a part of our families, both these lovely people have been there to support us always. They were invited to Ekadaksha to felicitate the uniqueness of all the children and teachers. The event started with an invocation to the Lord by the children of the School Programme. This was followed by the welcome address and some memories of the journey of ELC. The Ekadaksha Trust was announced which plans to do many activities for the special needs community. An annual report of the academic year 2017-2018 was read out which was very impressive.

The award giving ceremony began with each child getting a special certificate of their unique ability for the year. The children were then awarded for their performances in the Co curricular House activities: Green house for Best in Games, Red house for Best in Story, Blue house for Best in Performance and Yellow house got the Overall Best House Award. The Best Attendance award was taken by M.Akshaya Sree while the Best Groomed was Abishek Haridas. Individual children from each were also awarded. Ram. Laxman, Tarak and Raghul were awarded for their good performances over the whole year. Akhilesh won the Best Artwork in the Drawing competition conducted earlier. The Overall best Performer of the year 2017-2018 who has grown and shown a lot of interest in activities was Raghav. Well, that was not all - There were awards for the teachers as well. The ones who give their time, heart and soul to teach and learn from our special children. Every teacher was felicitated with a certificate and a small token of appreciation. They are lovely talented women who do their best always. 

The chief guest presented the awards with so much happiness which was reflected in their speeches. Mrs. Marijanne who has been associated with ELC from the day it all began, was very happy to be among all the children. She told the teachers to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...Mr. Seshadri said that he believes that one should SPREAD SMILES and ELC was indeed doing that. After the vote of thanks, children enjoyed a yummy snack, played and danced to some bollywood and kollywood numbers. It was indeed a unique day.

Click here to see the happy faces. 


Over the year, the teachers have done a lot of activities with our children. They have used different materials, made materials and combined materials in order to make sure a child understands. A lot of creativity has been shown by all at Ekadaksha. All these things were displayed on this Open day for the parents to see. The teachers explained the use of materials as well as execution of some activities. The children spoke about or performed activities they were good at. It was indeed a wonderful display of activities, creative work and ideas. 

Click here to see this wonderful display.

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