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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Golden hour care and emergency response training by ALERT for teachers - ELC 2017Ekadaksha organised a workshop on First aid for the teachers and volunteers. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Karthik from the NGO, ALERT which conducts a number of such training programs to ensure that atleast one person in a family is trained to be a first responder and handle emergency medical situations until the professionals arrive. This basic program 'Golden hour care and Emergency response training' educated us on the steps to follow when in medical emergencies. 

The first aspect during an emergency is to remain calm and confident. With this any emergency can be handled efficiently. The workshop started with the explanation of the chain of survival and the vitals of the human body. It educated us on the do's and don'ts when we decide to be first responders. The step by step process of basic life support and when to conduct CPR (Cardio pulmonary resuscitation) was given. Apart from that, situations of Bleeding, Fracture, Choking and Fits was also covered. All the information was conveyed through demonstrations and practicals. 

This workshop was indeed very interesting and educative. This workshop not only prepared us to handle emergencies at the Center but also equips us for the outside world. The fact that we are not doctors should not inhibit us from helping during an emergency. However, we must understand our need and role in the situation, in order to make it effective. We thank Mr. Karthik and ALERT for conducting this training program at Ekadaksha. We would like to spread word to everyone to undergo such training in order to help and try to save a life. A start would be to know the Emergency ambulance number which is valid throughout the country - 108. 

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