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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Social skills and communication camp 2017 at ELC, ChennaiEkadaksha conducted its first social skills and communication camp at its premises. The four day camp was filled with fun and learning. After the circle time, conducted to break the ice and settle down, the following activities were done each day. 

DAY1 - Experiment day

Bharathi Aunty demonstrated interesting experiments on the first day. After demonstrations, the children were allowed to experiment by themselves with supervision. The children did magnet paintings, made little orange volcanoes and moved through magnetic paths. It was a magical day of experimenting and learning. 

DAY2 - Music day

Music is a favourite of many and on the second day of the camp Nishok Anna filled the Center with music. He played a music video, he sang a song and he had his tablas to spread the rhythm. The children listened and then explored the djembe and tabla. They tried following and making rhythms of their own too.

DAY3 - Story day

It was story time on day three. Bindu Aunty had a poetic story to narrate which took the children into the wonderful world of stories. Listening to a story is one thing, and getting involved in it is a beauty. The children not only listened, they also enacted the story and did an artwork based on the story. 

DAY4 - Creative art day

The last day was a creative one. Archana Aunty began the day with putting stickers on her face which made the children look at her funnily. This was followed by a movement game of running, stopping and animals. The children listened, watched and moved. Finally the children became artists who made beautiful paintings. 

By the end of the camp, the children had explored their creative side, expressed themselves and had a hands on experience of fun and socialising. Click here for photos of the SSC camp. 

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