Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Valliamai marathon 2016 - Ekadaksha learning center participatedThe children of our Center participated in their first marathon of 3km. Team Yu&Me conducted the Vallamai 2016 marathon for children with special needs.The objective of the run was to create awareness on how important it is for children to be physically active whether they have difficulties or not. It is also to motivate the children to do something on their own which will help them realise their power and potential. To know more go to facebook.com/vallamaiyesican.

Each child was assigned a volunteer who was like a friend to the child. The children were encouraged and enjoyed running or walking with their new friends. They recieved medals from Guest of honour, Mr. Prithiveeraj (Film actor). Mr.Siddarth (A motivational speaker) was the chief guest and gave a wonderful speech in which he mentioned that the 'best gift parents can give their child was to treat them normally'. This was followed by breakfast and an entertaining programme  of dance, music and karate forms. One of our children, Samuel Peter also sang on the stage. The children enjoyed themselves and it was wonderful seeing them completing the marathon. The  participants from our center were:

1. Safa

2.Sai Khiran

3. Sumedha

4. Kamalesh

5. Vishal

6. Kush

7. Samuel Peter

8. Abishek

Check out the runners here. 


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