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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

fun with the self - A creative arts workshop for parents in february 2016 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiDo you see funny, happy faces on this photo:-)Well, this is the after effect of the creative arts therapy workshop conducted at Ekadaksha Learning Center by Mrs.Hemalatha Swaminathan. This workshop was titled "Fun with the self" to make parents and professionals realise how important it is for them to have fun. Many parents forget that they are individuals and forget to respect and enjoy themselves.  Therefore, this workshop focused solely on the parents and their need to relax. 

The session began with the passing of different rhythms by clapping around the group. This created a bond and also made each of them alert. After that, it was time to bring out the child in them and play with balloons. Each parent imagined the balloon to be an object and enacted a scene. They then, played volley balloon in groups of two, five, twelve............

"Think of a happy moment you have spent with a child and depict it on paper." This was the next activity of the day, wherein parents were made to reflect on the fun and happy things they have done with their child. This was followed by the group sharing what they experienced during these two hours.

Most of the participants felt loosened up, carefree and happy. Some of them felt connected with the group. Ohers decided to use some of the activities witht their children. A parent noted that it was interesting to reflect on what makes them happy since no one ever pauses to think about this very important thing. It brought back the child in them and the realisation to have fun wit their kids.

To quote some parents-

"Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop. It was very energetic and enabled me to understand how a positive mind can do wonders for the self and people around us. Be happy and do things with fun, things will fall inits place, is the message i take home today."

"The workshop helped moms/caretakers to look with a different perspective - fun, feel free and unconditional bonding. Children with special needs actually exhibit the above. It is we who have to get tuned to be child like and share more fun with them. The activities will be wonderful to take back to our kids. Thanks for "Me" moments:-)"

"Glad to be part of this workshop. Revisited my childhood days. Realised the importance of being happy and impart the same happiness to my child. Also learnt not to keep worrying about routines."

See the parents and professionals have fun here. 






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