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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

A quilling workshop for parents in january 2016 at ekadaksha learning center, chennaiQuilling is an art form using strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together to make different designs. Mrs. Fatema Bhagat, a professional in this art and a charming young lady, visited Ekadaksha Learning Center to teach this skill to parents of children with special needs. The workshop intended to encourage parents to learn a skill and also have some fun.

Indeed, all the participants were fully involved in the activity. For the two hours, they only focussed on quilling, making fun of eachothers funny shapes as well as appreciating each other. Mrs. Fatema began with an introduction of herself and the participants. She then gave a brief of "Quilling" and taught them the basic coils - the tight and the loose coils. After this, they enjoyed making different kinds of shapes like leaves, hearts, squares and dew drops. They also learnt to make scrolls of different kinds. The entire workshop was hands on, with the participants noting down the techniques for future reference.

One parent said, "The workshop was great. So very lively & relaxing. We got lost into the lovely coils. When my son saw what I had learnt, he wanted me to make different kinds of animals using this art. I will definitely try to do so. Thank you for conducting this workshop."

Another mentioned that "It was really jolly, the quilling and learning something was refreshing. I am getting ideas on what all can be made with it too. One needs passion to squeeze it into your routine amongst all other chores."

A professional who had attended also totally enjoyed the workshop, "The quiller facilitator was very charming and she was hands on and made it look easy for the participants."

And of course, at the end, everyone proudly posed with their quilled designs. Click here to see parents at work...

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