Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Jewellery making workshop held in october 2015 at Ekadaksha learning center,chennaiThis month, Ekadaksha conducted a workshop for children on how to make jewellery by using beads. Before starting with the art, the teachers at ELC explained to the children on what is jewellery, how it is made and why people wore jewels. This kindled the mind of the children and made them recollect where they saw such jewels and who wore these jewels at their home. The children shared their thoughts with their friends and teachers during the workshop.

Then the teachers taught the children on how to make a necklace and earrings out of beads with a thread running inside. With this idea, the children tried making a bracelet too with their own imagination. Some children did independently and some did with the guidance of the teachers. The final tying of knots was done by the teachers to bring in completion. The children were given a free choice of choosing the beads to design the jewellery out of their own creativity.

After they made their jewellery set, the children were thrilled on their own creativity and they decided to gift their work to either their mother (Amma!) or Sister (Akka!).

This workshop made the children learn how to put items in sequence, make good choices, be creative and of course, to make Jewellery. It also made them think of the joy of giving gifts to others. Photos of our sparkling jewellers.  

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