Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

A cool and fun summer camp at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiIt was the place to be - The coolest summer camp conducted by Ekadaksha Learning Center in April 2015 for 10 days. The summer camp was the place to enrich every child, the place to explore and the place to have loads of fun. On each day, different professionals from various interesting fields worked with the children. New activities, new materials, new people, new ideas, new talent - The children got an exposure to all of this. 


Day 1: The day of introductions. The children introduced themselves and made a beautiful name tree which was displayed outside the Center. 

Day 2: Theatre time. Meera from 'Theatre Nisha' played games and told stories to the children.

Day 3: The children made some new friends on this day. Volunteers came to the Center to spend time and do different activities with the children. The activities included art work, games and fun dance.

Day 4: The sound of music. Nishok Kumar, a budding musician, provided exposure to differnet instruments and ways of making music by clapping and knocking doors. There was definitely a lot of music in the air on this day.

Day 5: On the fifth day, the children became sporty boys and girls. They played basketball, did fitness exercises and stretches and ran races with Suresh and Famita, two fitness experts.

Day 6: Bindu Ajith, our enthusiastic story teller, took the children into the world of stories. First a story about a naughty little girl who painted her hair red. This was followed by an indian traditional story with animal characters, which every child enjoyed enacting.

Day 7: The day which brought out creativity at its best with Asha Mehta, who makes lots of wonderful and useful gift items out of waste products. The children made coasters out of cloth and bangles. And, they decorated mud pots with pistachio shells and painted them. 

Day 8: Dance, Ekadaksha, Dance. Keerthana, a student of Kathak dance, enthralled the children with her graceful moves. Mudras and hand movements were taught to the children. But they were also made to move around and dance to different tunes.

Day 9: Creative art therapy with Mrs.Hemalatha Swaminathan was definitely an eye opener to different emotions and attributes of the children. The children introduced themselves through sounds and movements. They moved, imitated, drew and painted on this day. 

Day 10: The Center became a movie theatre screening a cartoon 'Tinkerbell', with a short interval, during which snacks were provided.


All the ten days, brought out the best in the children and teachers. The professionals who came and worked with us are the best in their respective fields. We thank them for helping and inspiring the children and the teachers.View each day of the summer camp here. 


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