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What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

5 years of ELC, march 2015 at Ekadaksha Learning Center, Chennai

5 years birthday party at Ekadaksha Learning Center, ChennaiOur Center began in March 2010 as a small venture and this year, we complete 5 special and glorious years on 4th March 2015.  Our Center is committed to providing as much enrichment as possible to children with special needs, while giving them the space to be themselves. Our aim is to create awareness and acceptance of these special beings in the society as well as make them independent adults who can fend for themselves.

On the completion of our 5th year, we have Explored, Expressed and Experienced a lot with these children and the outside world. The memories will remain forever.

On this occasion, we screened a visual presentation of the ELC journey over the past 5 years. To view or download the presentation, click here. We released the First Souvenir of Ekadaksha Learning Center, which carries all the memories. Mr. S. Krishnan, I.A.S, Principal Secretary to Government, Planning, Development and Special initiatives Department, Chennai who released the Souvenir, was the Chief Guest on this important day. He also gave us insight on various Government initiatives for People with Special needs. 

The Guests of Honour were also lovely and wonderful people who spoke on various topics. Mr.Vivek Reddy, a near and dear well wisher made us realise how these children are special beings who need not be changed. Rather, the society should change the way they think towards these children. Mrs. Mangala Bhavani,  a Qualified Dietician showed us how important nutrition is for any human being and gave a few tips on nutrition for children. Dr. Shanthi Krishnamoorthy, the Chief Operating Officer of TNQ Books and Journals Pvt. Ltd., gave ideas about creating job opportunities for people who are differently abled. 

The Presentation brought us to tears, the First Souvenir made us proud and the Interesting speeches made us think. Finally, it was time to appreciate all those who contributed to Ekadaksha's growth. "Every single time you help someone stand up, you are helping humanity rise". This quote definitely describes what these people have done for humanity. All the professionals, teachers and helpers who have been part of the Ekadaksha Journey were felicitated with products made by our children. 

Click on the link to view this proud moment of Ekadaksha and its family: ELC's important day..


And of course, the Children of Ekadaksha, the pillars and the ones who have shown us the path, we have not forgotten them. They had a blast. They enjoyed Ekadaksha's fifth birthday party at the Center. There were various fun rooms - The music of joy room, the room to create memories through photos, the tattoo and mehendi corner, the colour wall and the outdoor play area. The children were encouraged by volunteers and friends to explore each and every room. They were exposed to activities as well as new people to interact with. It was a great time which was followed by dhoom dhaam disco music at the end of the day. Every person went home with a goodie bag and a smile on their face.

Click in the link to view Our very very happy birthday: ELC's Fifth birthday party.

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